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Repairing Service –

7 Day Service repair allmost all type of electric product that is included – Electric Chimney Repair Services, AC Repair Services, Geyser Repair Services, Microwave Repair Services, Washing Machine Repair service, Refrigerator Repair Service, Dishwasher Repair Services and RO System Repair Services at very cheapest price. We are providing Our repairing services from last 10 years in these cities –

Repairing services in Ghaziabad –
Avantika, Govind Puram, GT Road, Harbans Nagar, Harsaon, Kamla Nehru Nagar, Kaushambi,Kavi Nagar, Maliwara, Mohan Nagar, Nandgram, Nehru Nagar-II, Ramprastha, Sahibabad, Sewa Nagar, Shalimar Garden, Shalimar Garden Extention 1, Shalimar Garden Extention 2, Surya Nagar, Vaishali, Vasundhara, Kala Patther, Raj Nagar,Indirapuram, Indraprastha Yojna, Raj Nagar Extension, NH-24, Pratap Vihar

Repairing services in Indirapuram – 

Nyay Khand I, Nyay Khand II, Nyay Khand III, Gyan Khand II, Gyan Khand III, Gyan Khand IV, Niti Khand II, Niti Khand III, Ahinsa Khand I, Ahinsa Khand II, Shakti Khand I

Repairing services in Vasundhara – 

Vasundhara Sector-1, Vasundhara Sector-2A, Vasundhara Sector-3, Vasundhara Sector-4, Vasundhara Sector-5, Vasundhara Sector-6, Vasundhara Sector-7, Vasundhara Sector-8, Vasundhara Sector-9, Vasundhara Sector-10, Vasundhara Sector-12, Vasundhara Sector-13, Vasundhara Sector-14, Vasundhara Sector-15, Vasundhara Sector-16, Vasundhara Sector-17, Vasundhara Sector-18, Vasundhara Sector-19

Repairing services in Vaishali – 

Vaishali Sector-1,Vaishali Sector-2A,Vaishali Sector-3,Vaishali Sector-4,Vaishali Sector-5,Vaishali Sector-6,Vaishali Sector-7,Vaishali Sector-8,Vaishali Sector-9

Repairing services in Noida –

Sector-10, Sector-11, Sector-12, Sector-14, Sector-15 A, Sector-15, Sector-16 A, Sector-16, Sector-17, Sector-18, Sector-19, Sector-20, Sector-21, Sector-22, Sector-24, Sector-25 A, Sector-25, Sector-26, Sector-27, Sector-28, Sector-29, Sector-2, Sector-30, Sector-31, Sector-32, Sector-33, Sector-34, Sector-35, Sector-36, Sector-37, Sector-38, Sector-39, Sector-3, Sector-40, Sector-41, Sector-43, Sector-44, Sector-45, Sector-48, Sector-49, Sector-4, Sector-50, Sector-51, Sector-52, Sector-53, Sector-55, Sector-56, Sector-57, Sector-58, Sector-59, Sector-5, Sector-60, Sector-61, Sector-62, Sector-63, Sector-64, Sector-65, Sector-6, Sector-71, Sector-7, Sector-80, Sector-81, Sector-83, Sector-8, Sector-9, Sector-47, Sector-70, Sector-82, Sector-93, Sector-168, Sector-113, Sector-78, Sector-128, Sector-119, Sector-16 B, Sector-76, Sector-75, Sector-96, Sector-137, Sector-107, Sector-134, Sector-129, Sector-93 A, Sector-143, Sector-151, Sector-122, Sector-74, Sector-120, Sector-133, Sector-94, Sector-104, Sector-121, Sector-150, Sector-117, Sector-77, Sector-135, Sector-108, Sector-46, Sector-1, Sector-86, Sector-66, Sector-100, Sector-162, Sector-132, Sector-118, Sector-79, Sector-116, Sector-112, Sector-93 B, Sector-23, Sector-72, Sector-73, Sector-92, Sector-110, Sector-124, Sector-105, Sector-126, Sector-42, Sector-106, Sector-131, Sector-163, Sector-165, Sector-143 B, Sector-125, Sector-127, Sector-130, Sector-167, Sector-166, Sector-164, Sector-161, Sector-159, Sector-158, Sector-157, Sector-156, Sector-155, Sector-154, Sector-153, Sector-152, Sector-149, Sector-147, Sector-146, Sector-145, Sector-144, Sector-143 A, Sector-136, Sector-142, Sector-97, Sector-98, Sector-99, Sector-88, Sector-138, Sector-67, Sector-68, Sector-69, Sector-84, Sector-85, Sector-87, Sector-89, Sector-90, Sector-91, Sector-95, Sector-101, Sector-102, Sector-115, Sector-123, Sector-140, Sector-141, Sector-148, Sector-160, Sector-14 A, Sector-62 A, Sector-94 A, Sector-140 A

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